It’s interesting to see how different events in history have influenced and changed the way people have dressed throughout time.From mini skirts to maxi skirts, pleats and pencils, puff sleeves and the likes.

The struggle often is, how far do we follow a trend, how do we set new trends and how do we maintain our values in the midst of new trends in both fashion and our lives?

Last year, we (the team at Studentshubgh) set out to set new trends with this Magazine- The INSPIRER.
We sought to inspire you to become a change maker, a trendsetter and an achiever but most of all, we wanted to remind you with each issue, that life is meaningless without a knowledge of Jesus Christ. ( For what shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his own soul)

Did we achieve our goals? We think so. And this year, we are setting out to go even bigger, bringing you dynamic interviews with young changemakers, financial tips and guides, lifestyle tips and many
more relevant inspiring articles to help you become everything God has created you to be.

It’s a new year, its time to dream bigger and reach for bigger goals. What trends will you set this year?
Which trends will you follow? Whatever you decide, make sure you have eternity in mind. Let’s do more

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