My National Service Story: Marriot Ampofu

Marriot Ampofu is my name and I studied Industrial Arts at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, Ghana. I completed my degree in 2010 and so my national service period was from 2010 to 2011.

My National Service Posting

Honestly, I was initially posted to somewhere in the Northern part of Ghana which I don’t quite remember where. However, considering the challenges travelling all the way to the North will pose, I decided to work at changing the posting which rather proved to be a Herculean task.

Changing my posting was not easy at all but I was determined and so I persisted and fortunately for me I had it changed. That’s not to say I did not have my weak moments, where I came close to giving up on doing my National Service altogether. As such, I was re-posted to the Naval Headquarters, Ministry of Defence in Accra, Ghana.

The Registration Process

Ok so because it took a while for my posting to be changed, it sort of worked out to my advantage. This is because when I finally had my posting changed, most national service personnel had already registered so my registration process went rather smooth for me with no stress at all.

The Service Experience

Being at the Naval Headquarters, Ministry of Defence was quite an interesting period. I met some really nice people there who made me feel welcomed. Also, being in a Military environment instilled some form of discipline in me which I learned to appreciate later. I worked more or less as a Personal Assistant to the Civilian Establishment officer at the time.

Was the Service Period a Fruitful Year?

Hmmmm, I’m kind of on the fence with regards to the fruitfulness of my service year. Yes, I did learn a few things but I would not say it was the most productive period of my life.

Benefits of the National Service to me

Being at the Naval Headquarters and working in an administrative environment actually sparked my interest in pursuing a career in the Administrative field in which I’m currently employed. And so it was during my national service period that I discovered my interest in administration.

Advice for future National Service Personnel

This is the time to start building working relationships with individuals. This relationship may lead to great referrals and references in the future. I will advise that they put their best foot forward in whatever position they are been placed during this service period.

Also, I would not advise anyone to postpone their service time. Get it over and done with so you can move on and pursue your careers without any hindrances

How Can The National Service Be Better?

I believe the right systems have to be put in place in order to avert the inconveniences faced by service personnel every year. Though the period of service might be a hectic one, it has to be enjoyable as well.

Peniella Doris Ampong is a communications person and an educational consultant.She is a founding member of Studentshubgh.A graduate of the University of Ghana’s MA in Communications, Studies, she serves as a columnist with Studentshubgh and the social media manager. She writes and offers advice and mentoring in the area of academic and school decisions as well as admissions procedures. Follow her on facebook @penielladorisampong

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