A Corper’s Life: Orji Chinonso Anthony


Orji Chinonso Anthony is my name; a proud Nigerian from Abia State, Isiala Ngwa North and also a well-known musician with the stage name ‘Mr Naso’. I schooled in Ghana at KAAF University College, Gomoa Fetteh Kakraba and read Civil Engineering. I completed my course in May, 2016 and started my service in November, 2017.


I had to go back to Nigeria for my national service; which is also for a period of one year. All Corpers members ((National Service Personnel) in Nigeria have to undergo three (3) weeks of military training before finally been posted to the corporate world. And so after my three (3) weeks military training, I was posted to the Maintenance Department of the Cross River State Waterboard Limited, Calabar.


Prior to that, I had to collect my certificate and transcript from my university and use it to apply online with the Nigeria National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) for my national service posting. The registration process was very easy and simple. It was done online and all i needed to register online was my original certificate, transcript and a passport (to prove or show that I am a Nigerian).


The service experience was lovely, especially the military training. I got to learn a lot of things at my department and was exposed to different kinds of people, their work culture and their attitudes. One exciting thing also is that I got to stay in Calabar because that was where my workplace was situated; a clean, nice and lovely place filled with green flowers and a siren environment.

In a whole, I would say the service period was fruitful. I got the opportunity to learn a lot of things in addition to my knowledge in Civil Engineering. I was made the leader of all the Corpers members at my workplace. This was probably because I have a good team spirit.

In addition, I learnt a lot of things, acquired more knowledge, understood what hard work was (due to the military training), and learnt how to build and maintain a good team spirit. A lot of friendships were developed as well.


Going forward, I will advise all Nigerians who get the opportunity to have their service to do it and abide by all the rules and regulations of the NYSC ACT. This is because out of the one year of their life that they use for service, great things and opportunities can be had.

I also think the national service can be better if the Federal Government would add training in Agriculture to the military training so that when one finishes the service and does not get a job right after, they could start something small with the Agricultural skills. In this way, nobody would have to sit at home after service without finding anything to do.

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