Dare to be Different

I have many fond memories of my days in High School but perhaps one recurring memory is of our morning assembly moments with our assistant headmistress and her constant admonishment to us not to follow others blindly. Whether it is in fashion, lifestyle, love life, career choice or even academics, her admonishment was for us to thoughtfully choose the right path and not just follow others because contrary to what democracy will want us to believe, the majority is not always right.

Thinking of this, I am reminded of one very interesting but highly significant event in the bible. This is the story of Moses and his legendary 12 spies (Numbers 13- 14) . I encourage you to read the full story but the summary is that Moses sent 12 spies to scout the land the Lord has promised to give to the Israelites and upon their return, 10 of the spies though acknowledging the beauty and wealth of the land put a lot of fear in the congregation because of the residents in the land so that the people were afraid to go up and take the land and instead rebelled against God. Only Joshua and Caleb believed they could take the land as the Lord had promised them.  So God said,

21 But as I live and as the glory of the Lord fills the whole earth, I solemnly swear that 22 none of the people who saw my glory and the miraculous signs I did in Egypt and in the desert will see the land which I promised their ancestors. ….. But because my servant Caleb has a different attitude and has wholeheartedly followed me, I’ll bring him to the land he already explored. His descendants will possess it. (Numbers 14: 21-22)

So a whole generation and a whole country were banned from the promised land except two men, Caleb and Joshua because they chose to be different.

Can you choose to be different and stand for the right thing even if it means standing up against your family, your friends, and your community? It is easy to say yes, I will stand up for what is right but consider these situations:

  • Do you enter into relationships just because all your friends are in one?
  • Do you have sexual activities before/ outside marriage because it is the norm?
  • Do you bribe your way to get ‘quick’ services (eg. Passport, drivers’ license etc) simply because that’s the norm?
  • Do you buy ‘ap)’ and engage in examination malpractice because it’s the norm?
  • Do you have your own sense of fashion or you follow the fashion trend – decent or indecent because that’s what’s fashionable?

These are questions we should ask ourselves. Standing up and daring to be different starts with the small things as we say no to the small things, God empowers us to say no to the bigger things and become people of integrity.

How do we become the Calebs of our generation and dare to be different? :

  • Know the Word of God: The only way to truly know how to be different is to know what different looks like and that happens by cleansing your thoughts and your viewpoint in the word of life. The word of God gives us the true picture of what every aspect of our lives should look like before God. If you want to be different, look into the word
  • Commit to Walk in the Word: Knowing the word alone is not enough. You have to commit to following the word and that is when your profiting will appear to all.

Remember that as you seek to be a change maker, you will face a lot of opposition. Determination is what will help you to keep on irrespective of the challenges, criticisms, and mockery. Keep your eyes on the end goal and know that if you choose to walk in God’s way and not that of the ‘majority’, God will reward you like Caleb and set you apart.

God bless you.

Share your comment below and let’s know how you are daring to be different.


Afia Bobia Amanfo is the co-founder of Studentshubgh. She is a committed Christian and also passionate about education and alleviating poverty. She is currently studying for an MSc in International trade in Paris. Her desire is to help create opportunities for young people in rural areas. She loves to write on Christian growth, academics, and career

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