Raptured Friendship

Rapture has always had a spiritual connotation and most people have also always tried to avoid hearing that word, especially all the meanings associated with it.

Interestingly, each and every one does experience some form of rapture in their life in one way or the other. Or better still most people experience a ‘rapturous’ moment in their lives but have not thought of that experience as a rapture that took place. Probably because there were no thunder, lightning, magical or magnificent events surrounding those experience.

Right from our childhood to our adulthood, some things that we hold dear or special or profound are usually taken away from us.

Do you remember the neighbourhood where you grew up and with so many other kids that it was fun throughout but that fun had to cease because daddy got a new job and so your family moved away? Do you remember that school where you started your studies at and made so many friends and played a lot after school that it took you one hour to get home even though your house was just 15 minutes away from the school, but had to move to another school because your parents could not afford to pay the school fees anymore?

Oh! How about that church you used to follow your friends to every Sunday but had to stop going because Daddy did not like the church? And those friends who used to visit you often at home and you had so much fun until one of them broke the family glass and the visit and fun ended? Hope you are still remembering right?

That lovely parent who always gave you the best in life even though they were not earning a fortune but are no more and not dead too?…quite complicated!

Well for me, I think a ‘good friendship’ has been raptured away from me. And only God knows to where! I do not think it was raptured just recently but a very long time ago and since I was so busy making the ‘friendship’ glorious, I became oblivious to the fact that it has been raptured and did not exist. What a pity! Guess I had been living in the shadow of this raptured friendship and kept deceiving myself that it existed and was good and that I was … Smh! (shaking my head)

But hey! Have you ever thought of where ‘raptured’ people go? Spiritually, I believe they go to the Big Man up there and its cool right? How about the earthly rapture that takes place in our lives from our childhood to adulthood? Our neighbourhood friends, schoolmates, church mates, etc who are raptured from us due to one reason or the other? Where do they go to?

Is it even worth knowing? Probably not because as usual, life still goes on for you and the essential thing you do is to embrace life and make the best out of it… I hear when life throws at you lemons, you should make a lemonade right? Well, when something is raptured from your life, what do you do? …a Replace innit?…Cheers!

Peniella Doris Ampong is a communications person and an educational consultant.She is a founding member of Studentshubgh.A graduate of the University of Ghana’s MA in Communications, Studies, she serves as a columnist with Studentshubgh and the social media manager. She writes and offers advice and mentoring in the area of academic and school decisions as well as admissions procedures. Follow her on facebook @penielladorisampong

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