My National Service Story: Joshua Ofori


I am Joshua Ofori and studied English and French at University of Ghana, Legon, Ghana, West Africa.I had my national service at that same university and at the Institute of African Studies for the 2010/2011 National Service Year.


I got to know about the service opportunity from a friend who saw the advertisement and informed me about it. And so I wrote my name at the Institute of African Studies as a service applicant. A selection process was done and I happened to be part of the selected people for the service.

The service registration process was okay.


Generally, my national service experience was good and fruitful. I have benefited a lot. I was assigned to the Publication Unit of the Institute and I currently work with a Publication House; drawing my experience from my work as a service person.


Based on the experience I had during service, I will advise national service personnel not to do the service specifically for the monetary gains but to take the service seriously and acquire all the necessary experience, skills and knowledge. The experience I got is what I am using in my workplace now. In addition, I will encourage students to take advantage of opportunities when on campus. If there is an opening or call for applications somewhere on campus, don’t hesitate to put in your best application. You never know where it will lead you to

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