My National Service Story: Vivian Nkrumah

My name is Vivian Nkrumah.

I studied Banking and Finance at Valley View University, a private university in Accra and after four (4) years of studies, did my national service in 2012 at the Ghana Interbank Payment and Settlement Systems (GhIPSS) in Accra.

I actually applied to GhIPSS to have my national service with them and went through all the recruitment processes till I finally qualified.

Fortunately for me, I did not have to go through the usual national service registration process because it was done by the company on my behalf. And so my national service registration process was very smooth.

The whole national service experience was an eye opener for me.

My service period came with a lot of travelling and education and/or sensitization of bankers, students and traders, among others, about our payment and settlement systems. I got into contact with a whole lot of people and mastered the art of public speaking as well as dealing with individuals.

I was exposed to how to handle individual and group issues and how to listen attentively to people’s issues while helping to get solutions for them. It was an educative experience and adventurous as well.

All in all, it was a great experience!

I believe one should not wait to be employed or see employment opportunities before one puts out his best performance during national service. We should give of our best wherever we find ourselves during national service because you may never know who is watching or monitoring your performance.

We should also not pay too much attention to the monetary aspect of the service; but rather the experience and opportunity at stake should be our reward.

Peniella Doris Ampong is a communications person and an educational consultant.She is a founding member of Studentshubgh.A graduate of the University of Ghana’s MA in Communications, Studies, she serves as a columnist with Studentshubgh and the social media manager. She writes and offers advice and mentoring in the area of academic and school decisions as well as admissions procedures. Follow her on facebook @penielladorisampong

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