GOD ARE YOU STILL LISTENING?…..When prayers go unanswered

Does God really listen to our prayers? Does he really hear us when we cry out to him? Most likely you have also struggled with these questions at one point or the other.
Sometimes we pray for a long time about big things, like a health issue or a wayward relative or an academic / career situation, or even mariage and things don’t seem to change.We wonder if God’s been paying attention to us.
I prayed for several years concerning an opportunity in my career and finances. I prayed, fasted, applied and searched for opportunities and still I was stuck in that same old poor place.My prayers seemed to be falling on deaf ears and I was left with many questions and doubts. So what do you do when your feelings and experience seems to contradict what the bible says about God?
Simple answer? YOU STAND BY THE WORD
In our Christian walk, we will daily be confronted with situations where we have to decide whether we will walk by our feelings or by faith in the word of God and who He says he is. As Paul rightly said, ‘We walk by faith and not by sight.’ 2nd Cor 5 v 7
When push comes to shove, who will you believe? Your experience and other people’s experiences or God and His word? The true test of faith is being able to stand firmly and believe the word of God even when all else around is saying the opposite.I always find it interesting how in the book of Job, God finally appears on the scene and He doesn’t answer any of Job’s ‘Whys’. Instead, He tells Job about His greatness and majesty and Job gets the message. I cannot give you all the answers for why this prayer or that prayer has not been answered afer several years of waiting. But the Bible is full of verses and instances of God’s faithfulness to answer prayer and to keep His word to us.Like this one: ‘ Keep on asking and you will receive what you ask for, keep on seeking and you will find, keep on knocking and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives…’ Mathew 7 v7
I may not be able to give you answers to why your prayers for healing, for deliverance or even for the salvation of a relative seem to go unanswered but the bible is filled with overflowing testimonies of God healing, delivering, and saving people in answer to prayer.
So whose testimonies will you believe? Whenever you are struggling with doubt and fear because your prayers are going unanswered, do these 2 things:
1. REVEL IN THE TESTIMONIES IN THE BIBLE: Spend some time in the word and read the testimonies of people plus God’s own promises concerning the situation you are struggling with. Turn these testimonies into praise and worship. Remember that God doesn’t change. If He did it years past, He can do it again
2. REVEL IN YOUR PAST TESTIMONIES: Look back in your life and you will see God’s favor and goodness following you. It’s easy to forget these in the midst of challenges but take time and count your blessings. Remember how He showed you mercy and favor even when you did not deserve it. The unexpected doors He opened for you. He is till the same loving God. Your challenges or long wait hasn’t changed Him.
Remember these and stand. We walk by faith and not by circumstances around us. Remain blessed. If you will like us to pray with you, send us a message. Lots of love

Afia Bobia Amanfo is the co-founder of Studentshubgh. She is a committed Christian and also passionate about education and alleviating poverty. She is currently studying for an MSc in International trade in Paris. Her desire is to help create opportunities for young people in rural areas. She loves to write on Christian growth, academics, and career

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