SAMED MASHOOD: Studying Medicine abroad-my experience

Samed Mashood is a Ghanaian young man with the vision of becoming a neurosurgeon in the future. He is currently studying Medicine in Russia. We spoke with him to learn more about the advantages of studying medicine abroad and his motivations.


SAMED:  My name is Samed Mashood. I’m 24 years old. I hail from the northern region of Ghana.  I had my basic education at Hannah School complex and Kotoka Basic School respectively and later proceeded to Adisadel College where I had my senior high school education. I am currently a 4th-year student at the Saint-Petersburg State Paediatric Medical University. My aim is to become a neurosurgeon


SAMED: Well, I graduated High School with 7A’s and 1B by God’s grace. Apart from the Grace of God,  It was also due to my decision to focus on my studies above anything else at the time. For example, I wasn’t in a relationship during my high school time. Even though I had the opportunity to be in one, I didn’t want to focus on that but rather on my studies. Also, I put in a lot of hard work.


SAMED: It all began when I started with courses like neurology and operative surgery. These were basically two of my favorites and I developed a passion for it. I then decided, why not be a neurosurgeon? I asked myself. I had the opportunity to do my clinicals in the neurosurgery department and fell in love it right from the start. It’s a very difficult and delicate field but I’ve always had a thing for “difficult things” because I always want to prove a point and moreover it’s very interesting. But initially, I had wanted to be a cardiologist.

PHOE: That’s interesting. Most people shy away from difficult subjects. So Samed, WHY DID YOU CHOOSE TO STUDY IN RUSSIA? How were the application and admission processes like and what are some of the advantages?

SAMED: I ended up studying overseas because I didn’t get the course I wanted when I applied to study in Ghanaian universities. I had wanted to study medicine at KNUST but was given Doctor of pharmacy even though I had passed the exam and qualified for the medical school interview. Doctor of Pharmacy is a 6-year program and not something I was interested in so I decided to study medicine outside Ghana. I had already applied to a university in Russia with my Nov/Dec results which I had written before WASSCE and been successful

The process isn’t too tedious even though it involves a lot of documentation and for the advantages, there are several.  You have your clinical experience right from 1st year. Meaning one gets the opportunity to practice in the hospital and the more you practice, the more comfortable you become.

Secondly, you get to meet people from all walks of life. You learn from them in terms of their culture, a way of life (the positive ones), this helps to widen your scope socially.

In addition, You can opt to do your Clinicals anywhere in the world provided you allowed by that country. And this is very good because it gives you the opportunity to learn how medicine is practiced in various countries. One also gets to learn different languages and have travel experiences



SAMED:   “The more we practice what we do, the more we become conversant and good at that particular thing.” Hard work, perseverance, commitment, and dedication should be qualities that should be a part of us. Strive for the best in everything you do and be confident in everything irrespective of the obstacles. Also, learn to manage time effectively and blend extra- curricula activities with academics perfectly. Last but not the least, don’t forget/ neglect God. For with God, all things are indeed possible.

Rita is a final year student of the University of Ghana studying for a degree in Business Administration option Health.Services Management.She loves to write on trending issues especially health and entertainment and aspires to work with the World Health Organization. Her hobbies include chatting, sleeping and surfing the net

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