Digital Entrepreneurship as an alternative to youth unemployment in Africa

Written By: Esimaje Michael, Nigeria

Digital entrepreneurship might just turn out to be the solution to the ever increasing youth unemployment rate in Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa as a whole. Some major challenges experienced over time with youth entrepreneurship and service creation in Africa are seed funding, innovative presentation of start-ups initiative and problem-solving approach to rendering the much-needed services, as such a lot of creative ideas in the minds of young entrepreneurs “die earlier before birth”.

A major cause of increasing unemployment among vibrant individuals and concurrently graduating youth in Nigeria for example according to research has been a meltdown in business driven concept and the cost incurred on setting up ventures. Digital entrepreneurship(digital marketing) has so far created a virtual space for sellers to meeting buyers through  either online platforms or virtual markets in a specific geographical ecosystem.  Digital Marketing is simply using electronic media such as the web, social media, email, interactive TV, IPTV and wireless media in conjunction with digital data about customer’s characteristics & behaviors. Most Nigerian firms and Companies create value for customers and build strong customer relationships to capture value from customers in return. Here in Nigeria E-commerce giants like jumia, konga, aniwura, jiji, etc has immensely revolutionized into mobile app, web app and internet application. New trends in digital entrepreneurship can be summarized with the image depiction below:

The digital entrepreneurship cycle illustration is to better our understanding of the concept of making an enterprise via digital marketing and the entities involved in ensuring that successful targets are met. Digital marketing objectives for an enterprise or firm can be to create awareness, increase sales, educate your target audience and establishing their business as an expert in the industry etc.

Promoting a Business Via Digital Media Marketing

A key player in digital marketing is social media marketing, latest trends in Nigeria and African social platforms are currently thriving in social media marketing. There are various means and methods of promoting digital marketing available to businesses and firms in Nigeria, some of these media includes content marketing (creative write-ups), search engine Marketing, Affiliate marketing, social media marketing etc.

Social media marketing can be either in the form:

  • Content sponsorship.
  • Social networking
  • Displaying of ads sponsor where your banners will be displayed to millions of Nigerians in social campaigns.

Some examples of highly rated and most rewarding social media tools and media are listed

  • Facebook:  Facebook has grown to become one of the largest social media advertising tools embraced across Sub-Saharan Africa with multi-platform dimensions, it is seconded by twitter.Other platforms are LinkedIn, youtube, google+ and Pinterest

To build an audience on Facebook, an individual or firm must:

Invite friends/ associates.

Get Likes & comments.

Post good contents.

Ask for likes or comments on content.

Redirect to website or call to action

Content Marketing:

Content marketing may include:

  • Sale’s article, this may be posted in tens of Nigerians forums that allow sales article at their advert section
  • Your business review by bloggers, there are a lot of bloggers out there who can review your business in their blogs.
  • Press release about your Nigerian business and have it distributed to hundreds of online press release publishing platforms.
  • slide presentation of your business with pictures and share in tens of slide sharing websites.
  • Video creation about your business, your sale’s person or hire online spokesperson as a sales person in the video and distribute it in tens of video sharing platforms. Content marketing are easily aided by sites like ,, hub spots etc. other forms of content marketing may include webinars, online conference and autoresponders

 Search Engine marketing

Search Engine Marketing includes:

  • Displaying advert by sidebars of searches results “your search engine ads pop up whenever internet users input keywords related to your business, service or product you offer”. A good ad copywriting skill is required to write an effective and “call to action” advert message that users can click whenever it displays in the search engine.
  • There is also an organic search aspect of search engine marketing but paid “display ads” above gets you hit the ground running immediately without waiting for the search engines to index and rank your business page or content. Search engine marketing tools may include but not limited the use of crawlers, search indexing, robot, Google ad word, Yahoo, and Bing.

   Modes and Methods of Conducting Offline Marketing

Digital marketing has been undeniably the fastest mode of information transfer in recent times, offline marketing is simply the utilization of offline media channels to create awareness of a company’s product and service. but offline marketing has proven beyond doubts to very relevant in the business information cycle. Some effective means of offline marketing are listed below:

Print Advertising

Trade show

Face to face (Direct Marketing)


Cold call

Direct mail

Discount pricing

Loyalty programs.

Radio jingles



Digital Marketing Tools

             WordPress.

             Google Analytics.

             Facebook Insights.

             Hootsuite.

             SEO.

             Survey Monkey.

             Drop box.

             Google Drive.

             Skype.

In summary, Digital entrepreneurship has thus become a source of livelihood and venture creation to individuals who are able to key into current changes in digital literacy.This article was created to drive under-employed individuals to action and see their dream goals and aspiration spring toward reality.


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