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The business world has been a man’s domain for many years. Women’s role in business has for several years and decades been delegated to petty trade and small businesses. But women are on the rise in Africa now and to encourage all our future female CEO’s (myself included ), our inspirational African personality for this week is a woman who has excelled not just in business –and in telecommunications industry at that- but is a family woman and has still found the time  to passionately devote herself to impacting into the next generation of Africans. Who said women can’t do it all?

So here are a few facts about Madam Lucy Quist and some of her most profound quotes.


  1. Lucy Quist was born in London to Ghanaian parents. She received her education in both Ghana and United Kingdom studying in top schools in Ghana ie. Wesley Girls High School and had her sixth form education at Presec, Legon. She later graduated with a first class honors in  Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of East London, got qualified as a chartered engineer with the Institute of Engineering and Technology, UK and did her MBA with the prestigious INSEAD Business School in France.


  1. Lucy Quist’s career has been both dynamic and on the high speed. She has worked with top companies such as Ford Motors as an electrical engineer where she served for a decade before moving on to become Change Manager for The Royal Bank of Scotland. In 2008, she moved into the telecommunications industry working with Millicom International Cellular between 2008 and 2011 starting off as Head of Business Development, Africa to the position of Chief Marketing Officer, DRC by 2011. She then moved onto Vodafone where she served as Head of Strategy and Planning, Managing Director and later Director of Vodafone Business Solutions. She is currently the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Airtel


  1. Lucy Quist is at the forefront of empowering the next generation of Africans through her #The BoldNewNormalInitiative and STEM advocacy. She is a well sought after speaker and believes in mentoring young Africans to discover and tap into their potential. She uses social media a lot in her efforts of mentoring young people. Just follow her on facebook and receive daily inspiration and motivation. In collaboration with organizations and through events, she has encouraged and mentored thousands of youth to appreciate the potential of Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Her projects include ‘Evolve with STEM’-aimed at demystifying STEM subjects among young students in public schools, ‘STEM Champions’ which profiles young people using STEM to solve societal ideas.


  1. Madam Lucy Quist serves on various boards including the boards of Ashesi University, The Petra Trust, Central University among others. She has been featured on various platforms around the world for her success as a business leader, for her impact in the lives of the next generation and her STEM advocacy activities. She has been featured on BBC, SheleadsAfrica, TEDxEuston, BusinessWorld etc and has been the recipient of numerous awards and recognitions including CIMG Marketing Woman of the Year 2014, Telecom CEO of the Year 2015, CSR CEO of the year 2015 , 8th Most Influential Public Figures in Ghana (2016)


  1. Madam Lucy Quist is married with 3 children, a girl and two boys. She speaks of the impact her husband has made in her life, her education and her career. In an interview with She Leads Africa, she was asked if her life would have different had she married a different man, her answer was a resounding ‘Yes’.


  • Have huge dreams, be extremely ambitious, develop a consistent routine, make sure you’re known for some great things and make sure your name pops into people’s minds. Be very confident in what your dreams are and the rest of the world will conspire to get you there.


  • The wealth of your business should go beyond yourself, cross boundaries and survive generations


  • There is no time for baby steps anymore when it comes to Africa’s prosperity


  • The most important external factor for our careers is understanding what is going on in the world around us.


  • I was about 26 when I met my husband and we got married a few years later. At that point I was mature enough to know what I wanted, who I wanted to be with and what values were important to me.





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