Speaking the Global Language

To go Global, you need to speak the global language. When we say something is Global, we mean it is comprehensive and relates to the entire world not just your community or country.You need to understand and have a vision of going global with whatever activity or profession you do. This will require another level of excellence and skills beyond what you will require for a local market.

Language is relevant for communication, connection and relevance. Therefore in going global, you need to understand the language that is spoken on the global front. Using the letters of the Alphabet, here are some languages you need to speak to go global

  1. A- ANTICIPATION: This means being able to anticipate and predict future occurrences and opportunities. If you want to excel on the global front, you must have foresight. You must be able to predict future market trends, customer behaviour, prospective job opportunities in various sectors based on current economic developments. This means acquainting yourself with global issues. Listen to the news, read and educate yourself so you can properly anticipate and prepare accordingly


  1. B- BORDERLESS: There are no borders today and you should know how to operate that way in order to be useful and successful on the Global market. Today, companies and individuals alike interact with people in various countries who they have never seen. So know that whatever business or profession you are involved in, there are no boundaries for expansion. Don’t limit yourself when searching for partners, funding, job opportunities etc


  1. COMPETITION: We live in a very competitive world today. Whether you are seeking employment or starting a new business, you need a competitive advantage. You need uniqueness and you need to stand out. Companies have no limitations in terms of recruitment. They can recruit people beyond the boundaries of their country. International Companies and locally owned companies keep bringing in expats to occupy various positions. So if you desire to rise and climb the corporate ladder, you must have a competitive advantage. There is no space for sloppy CV’s and lazily written Cover letters in today’s market. Whatever business service you seek to offer, remember that foreign companies offering the same service will infiltrate your local market. So bear this in mind and be prepared to differentiate yourself


  1. DECISIVENESS: Opportunities don’t wait forever. Due to competition, opportunities must be grabbed quickly. You must be decisive and able to make good decisions quickly and you must equip yourself mentally with enough facts and knowledge to make bold decisions and make them quickly. If you delay, someone else will quickly grab it whether it is a job opportunity, a scholarship, grant or a business idea. You must be quick to grab opportunities. Don’t let opportunities pass you by


  1. EFFICIENCY: To operate on the global scale, you must be competent and efficient. You cannot afford to be lackadaisical or incompetent. Be prepared to go the extra mile for every task you are given and in every responsibility, you take up


  1. FUNCTIONALITY: You must be able to deliver the promises you make and fulfil the purpose for which you are employed or given a responsibility or contract. If you are an employee, you must be functional. You must deliver as is expected of you


  1. GLOCALIZATION: This means operating in your local market with a global outlook. Whatever global brand or idea you want to implement in your local environment, make sure you adapt it to the culture and customs of the people


  1. HUNGER: Hunger is a determination and an intense desire to do more and achieve more. Do not be satisfied with little when there are more opportunities out there for you to achieve greater successes. Lack of hunger is what keeps people from reaching their full potential. Lack of hunger is what allows graduates to remain unemployed and sit home waiting for white collar jobs. When you are hungry, you cannot remain unemployed. You will be prepared to start at the bottom if that is what is available and gradually make your way up. Develop a hunger to do more and never give up


  1. INTEGRATION: This is to form, coordinate or blend things into a unified whole. You must learn to integrate your activities and talents and thereby create more talents and multiple streams of revenue. For example, if you are a talented writer, you can easily learn to design a blog and from that, you can be a columnist for a newspaper, a blogger, a book writer, a motivational speaker etc. Find your strengths and talents and learn to use them together for maximum productivity


  1. JUSTICE: Have a sense of justice. Don’t be a cheat. Learn to be fair to people and be fair in all your dealings. Remember that your reputation and integrity can take you further than your academic certificates. Whether you are working with Stakeholders, business partners, employees, an employer or a co-founder, deal honestly with them. Don’t use people to achieve your own success otherwise that success will be short-lived


This article is a transcript of a message by Rev. Albert Ocran. For the rest of the languages, Get the book ‘Sheba – Ancient Customer Service Secrets Repackaged In A Social-Media Driven Era’ Written by Albert and Comfort Ocran

Albert & Comfort Ocran are international motivational speakers and management consultants with a passion for challenging people to reach their full potential and live out their God-given dreams. They run two companies from their base in Accra, Ghana. Combert Impressions is a cutting-edge printing house while Legacy & Legacy is a consultancy that focuses on human capital development. They also run the Springboard Road Show Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation which focuses on grooming the next generation of African leaders and entrepreneurs. Courtesy: Springboard Roadshow Foundation

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