Tips for Tertiary admission and course selection

Written By: Peniella Doris Ampong

The tertiary institution and tertiary admission is the crucial stage where students build a valuable foundation and get equipped for life and career in general. Some students merely endure their tertiary years without realizing the potential benefits they can glean from those years. The program you choose, the activities you involve yourself in and the people you meet can have a profound influence on your life after school so choose wisely.

Your selection of program should be the basis for the selection of an institution and not the other way round. Therefore, before you select an institution of your choice, you should have an idea of the career you want to pursue. Knowing this will make your tertiary life more focused and meaningful.
In order to know the program read at a particular tertiary institution, one should take the time to read from the website of the institution and/or call to make further inquiries.

After getting the information about the institution of your choice, you  can now do the following:
1. You can go ahead and apply (when admissions are open).
2. Your application should be based on your eligibility to be admitted. Do not go through the admission process when you know you do not meet the admission requirements. Doing so will be a waste of time and money. Look for other alternatives or institutions when you realize that you do not meet the admission requirements of the very institution you want to attend.
3. Make sure to provide the accurate information on your application form especially your contact information.
4. Seek assistance if you have any challenges with filling your application forms and make sure that you understand what is required of you before providing the information.
5. Follow up on your admissions after applying by consistently checking the website of the institution for any news on your application.
6. Endeavor to pray into your admission before the application and after the application processes. Remember to commit all your ways to the hands of God.

Afia Bobia Amanfo is the co-founder of Studentshubgh. She is a committed Christian and also passionate about education and alleviating poverty. She is currently studying for an MSc in International trade in Paris. Her desire is to help create opportunities for young people in rural areas. She loves to write on Christian growth, academics, and career

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