Letter to Students ltt4

(*ap) means ‘leaked exam questions)
Afia Writes:
Hello SH,
I know my friends will whip me for what I am about to ask but it’s been bothering me for a while and I need your advice. What do you think of cheating in exams. I don’t mean buying ‘ap)’ or hiding answers in my clothes- that one I know it’s wrong. But what of just asking a friend quietly if I am stuck? My friends and I have been helping each other during exams but I always feel bad about it. But what if I refuse to ask and I end up failing the exams? Please advise since I am about to write my WASSCE exams soon. Thank you.

SH Replies,
Dear Afia,
Thank you for this question.I know for sure you are not the only student with this dilemma. Even in my days as a student, we had to struggle with this question- ‘to cheat or not to cheat’? For a start, I want to say clearly that cheating of any kind in exams is wrong. There is no big or small cheating. No type of cheating is acceptable before God or society.

I can give you a thousand and one reasons not to cheat in this or any other exam you will sit in the future. But I just want to share the most important reason. I believe you always have to choose every time you are faced with this type of temptation whether you want God’s help or you want man’s help because you cannot have both. You cannot cheat in an exam and expect God’s blessing on it- I can assure you that God doesn’t bless any act which is ungodly. So decide whose help you want. For me, I always want God’s help. You may buy Ap) and get caught or the questions may be changed. Your friend you trust might not know the answer or give a wrong answer. The marking of the exams are never predictable plus admissions to universities are never simple. Why take these risks and lose God’s favor on your exams? I will rather study to the best of my ability and trust God to remind me and help me through the exam season. The only constant and trustworthy person in this world is God. Don’t make choices that will cause you to lose His favour in any situation.

Saying no to Exam malpractice include the following:
– Studying your best in order to be prepared for the day
– Saying no to ap) and rumours of ap)
– Reporting unscrupulous people who claim to be selling questions
– Refusing to ask your friends for answers in the exam hall
– Trusting God for his help during the exam

Just think of how our society reacts about our leaders who are found guilty of bribery and corruption. Well, my dear, when you cheat in exams you are no different from someone who embezzles funds.To be honest, if you cannot say no to exam malpractice today, there’s very little guarantee that you can say ‘no’ to theft or bribery in the future.It has to do with values and principles and you have to start building them today.
All the best in your exams and hope to hear from you soon.
Lots of love, SHGH

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