Good Study Habits For Tertiary

Studying at the tertiary level is quite different as compared to studying in the Senior High Schools. At the tertiary level, you are regarded as an adult and expected to take charge of own your life. There will not be a Housemaster/ mistress to chase you out of your dormitories to attend lectures or group discussions or any other activity on campus.
You basically choose what you want to do and this is where you have to be careful you do not miss your purpose of being in the tertiary school.

Here are some study habits to cushion you:

– Attend all lectures. Do not be picky regardless of how much you do not like the lecturer.

– Read around the topic of discussion for the day prior to the lecture. Note down your questions for clarification in class.

– Due to item 2 above, you need to purchase all your reading materials ahead of time.

– Do not make notes on what is already in the reading materials. It is time wasting. Only write down the new things.

– Never allow social activities to take all of your time. Yes, it is good to relax through your school activities but DO NOT allow them to replace your study time. If you have to party throughout Saturday night, make sure you spend the day studying.

– The best social groups to join are Study Groups. You get an opportunity to learn through a relaxed system.

– Always study as though you have a test to write and you would be relaxed when the test comes.

Enjoy your semester

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