Plan to Succeed

How do you ensure that you end 2017 a better person with more achievements in your life than you currently have now? You begin with a plan.
True. We all know about new year resolutions and how nearly impossible it is to keep them. But the fact still remains that without a plan, you are likely to accomplish nothing. So the first steps you need to make toward success this year are:
– Write down your academic, career, relationship and spiritual plans and goals
– Discuss with a friend to make sure they are achievable and get your friend to hold you accountable for those goals
– Commit your plans to God and watch as He directs your steps to success

Remember that success doesn’t happen overnight but is the sum total of daily steps taken in the right direction. Whatever your desires for this year, whether it’s to go to school, re-sit your exams, develop a better relationship with God or maybe reduce the hours you spend on Face book, it all begins with one step. Take that step today by writing those plans downs.
Chat with us if you have questions. We are here to help.